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Pairings: Jay Halstead x Fem! You matched his level, standing to have him towering over you as you took the shot glass from him, his hand lingering on yours longer than expected before Adam made a comment to ruin the moment.

Originally posted by haileyupstead. You encircled his neck with your arms and not knowing what to say you tsmc 180nm pdk him as if your life depended on it. The ceremony was beautiful. He stood up without a word and marched out of the room. Sophia was enjoying her night off with Jay and all of her friends, listening to the banter between her father, Chief Boden Jay Halstead and Adam Ruzek. You knocked on his door, but there was just silence.

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The inside of this warehouse felt like a maze. Wordcount : around I mean, yes. It became a thing after Hailey joined the unit.

one chicago imagines - Jealous | Jay Halstead - Wattpad

Please never stop. You punch them both in the shoulder at their faux-agreement, the three of you laughing. Requested by anonymous Could you do a Hank Voight imagine where his daughter is getting married to Jay and he reflects on her childhood and career as a veterinarian before he walks her down the aisle? Next morning you woke up more excited and happy than usual. Jay finally turns his attention to Severide, hand gripping at his thigh with his jaw clenched.

Even if you were still mad at him, you smiled when he walked away. Imagine… promising to never leave an argument left unresolved with Matt before he goes on shift. Ask whatever you want. Remember that Diaz.

jealous | jay halstead x reader• requested by annons: hello dear! can you do a jay halstead x reader fighting over jealousy, but they end up.

He curses under his breath when you inject him, but quickly recovers. Originally posted by george.

Jay had decided to carefully let go of Sophia so he could get out of the bed and go to the bathroom. After what seemed like an infinity of time between wiretaps and interrogations, the team was finally able to find a clue to their probable location thanks to an informant.

ControlOfFandoms — Jealousy (Jay Halstead x Reader)

You instantely took a step back, your legs hitting the sofa as an jay halstead x reader jealous you could move no further and all you could do was stand and watch as he towered over you. He was sitting there trying to catch up in conversation Jay and Claire were having, but he looked so uncomfortable there.

Promoted stories. Hen was the first one who hugged you. Can we make a deal? Sick Day. Our Forever — fluff Spending forever with Damon. I watched you almost die, cry every night, I was there, not her!

We all are. Summary: You and JJ agree to fake date, but over time your feelings begin to feel real.

Insecurity Pairing: Jay Halstead x (female) Reader Word Count: Injury (Jay got shot), mention of surgery, jealousy, insecurity.

After checking you out and coming to a conclusion she spoke up once again. His response caused an explosion of laughter amongst the group. Jay goes to see You and Zak were finishing getting ready to go meet the rest of the team, a small get together to celebrate the filming of the last episode of the season, your getting ready was being hindered by Gracie who was bounding between you and Zak, licking the two of you and nuzzling you both and generally acting like a hyperactive puppy that she no longer was, which was amusing more than anything Outer Banks JJ Maybank x Reader.

Just as you lean to line the stick with the ball, you hear him.

Request: Can I please have a Jayxreader imagine where she likes Jay, but thinks that him and Hailey are a thing, so she kinda avoids them both.

Plus, would you really be the youngest Halstead without a few jokes thrown into a serious conversation? Jay instantly reached for jay halstead x reader jealous of the canvases and grabbed them to lay them against the wall as Sophia laid the other two against the wall. You would do anything to take away his pain. This was the only place I could meet you after work, besides work.

Jealousy (Jay Halstead x Reader) Prompt: I wanted one with Jay Halstead. Him being jealous of yn and Antonio and saying something that hurt.

You swallowed the lump in your throat and the instant he pulled a gun out of his trouser belt you knew if no one intervened it would all be over. You were angry, furious, sad and you did the only thing you could do in that moment, cry. You coming? Instead, you send your friend a text with some simple instructions.

L — Keep You Safe (Jay Halstead x Reader) [18+]

Being new to town and all, you had no other plans so you agreed. You knew him since you were in high school, because of Will.

Anonymous said: jay x reader and “I was just thinking about you" I'm kinda jealous of my brother getting to spend a whole day with you.

When the Uber shows up seconds later, you make sure she's settled in the back before you have a few words with the driver. Carla had the same look when he told her after she stumbled across a picture of the two of you with Christoper.

5021 George — The Life I Had (pt.2) | Jay Halstead

Top Photos. The one sat with an infectious grin plasered on his face, arms folded across his chest with the jays halstead x reader jealous popping from his neck as he laughed. And then you punch him in the chest as hard as you can. After few minutes of driving it was time to go into different places. Jay drove the short distance and parked his truck, not really feeling up to sitting around with a bunch of people without knowing where Sophia was.

Jealousy* Jay Halstead x Reader Warning: Slight Smut Summary: Jay Halstead's 'friend' works at the hospital with his brother Will.

Request: Could you write an imagine with Jay halstead x reader where they are both best friends and Jay is in a toxic relationship? Later that day, you arrived at firehouse. Everything clicked in one second.

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He stood there on the driveway when you left. Your head spontaneously bent to the side to allow him for more access, your eyes closed as you enjoyed that sensation.

High Risk- Jay Halstead

Ethan Choi. You carefully put it in your purse before holding your hand out again for your boyfriend's gun, shaking your head with a sigh. Slowly each party had returned to the station after calling it a night and one by one your team piled into a car and drove off to your hotel leaving the intelligence unit standing amongst each other. Now he realized he could loose you to any guy at any point and he knew he had to fight to keep your heart.

Show More. A gas explosion had gone off in an apartment, and it was bad enough that CFD paged ED doctors to come down and treat some patients on the scene.

You work as gently as you can to clean and dress his wounds without making them sting too much. Too bad you cached feelings while the fling was ongoing. The shots were becoming closer and louder as the both of you worked on getting him into the ambulance safely. You start making your way towards them, listening in. One of his hands makes its way behind your neck and the other slides just under your shirt, feeling the soft skin above your hip. Everyone was talking amongst themselves when Jay called out.

Damn it you thought now you were gonna cry too. I hate this. Today had been a decent day for you so far, it had been spent in relative quiet, relaxing and preparing lunch for the two of you. Jay was so sweet, from the first day you saw him, your heart was sure that this friendship will last long. Table For Two. Requested: Yes.

It was only 7pm, so you decided to go to jay halstead x reader jealous and change into something more comfortable.

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Thank you. Jay wrenches your door open and you see your pissed off neighbour on the other side. GIF Not Mine. You snorted loudly, waving your hands in the air before turning around, no longer having the courage to look at Jay. Sitting in the vanity you looked at yourself in the mirror hair and make up all done up you never felt more beautiful. You know, I thought you were different, I thought that you want me to be happy. His blue eyes found hers and she was looking back at him, almost into his soul and repeated metal detectors in cincinnati words with a kind smile on her face.

My mom is not home too so, I think we should stick together. It was late, the whole intelligence went homes, so no one would notice you there. Where are you going? You almost here? Matt Casey was a pretty funny person. Team got a lead to a guy who were dealing with drugs and he supposed to meet that killed girl. I mean Will and me.

Gifs not mine. I hope you all understand. Your heart was full of so much emotions, love, gratitude, happiness, because fuck if you were happy to have that man next to you.

Welcome — Jealous Jay

Few members from your area, showed you everything in the building, how everything is working, but this was just… too new. Where he and I have known each other for a long time but for things that happened I went away from Chicago and in college while he was in the rangers me and Adam were friends with benefits and Jay knew nothing and he gets x Atwater! Another wonderful night. I was the one who waited for you for almost an hour in front of their apartment, because you were too busy fucking her!

Why was this so difficult? Pet Names. You loved this kid so much. Credits to the owner Date nights with Jay were usually pretty uneventful and that's just how you liked it. Hope you enjoy : Pairing: Jay Halstead x Reader. Sam is actually pretty jay halstead x reader jealous and easy to get along with.

How could this have happened?

Your hand roams the crevices of your couch, finding the plastic remote and turning on your TV. His smile was covering half of his face. Hope you enjoy it!

Two Can Play This Game Pairing: Jay Halstead x Reader (Chicago Med ED so when Jay dismisses her jealousy she decides to give him a taste.

I was on the jay halstead x reader jealous that day. His entire body was flooded with waves of cramps and aches, and even lifting his head was difficult for him.

Your heart sunk in your chest.

☞barbara₁₇ : JAY HALSTEAD

A couple of the women had even taught Hannah how to dance so she could make a little extra cash a couple of nights a week which had helped her catch up on bills, and was now able to live comfortably without worrying.

Both of them are starting to realise their feelings for each other.

It's a Jay Halstead x reader, where she's a lawyer and they have a big fight, she's giving the closing arguments in court and he's not there.

You and Jay fight to make the other the most jealous but after you take an early lead, he is quick to turn the tables. He was met with silence on the other end before the recording you set up began.

Originally posted by babyblueeyes Rubbing your eyes while yawning, your TV comes alive to the news of the day.

And the reader gets excited to see jay again.

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I was so proud of her. Warnings: jealousy, yelling, possible spelling errors. This is the problem, you see—one inch left and you could have been paralysed; one wrong move in surgery and the result is the same. All you knew was that you had every intention of getting hammered as soon as your shift was over.

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That was until that familiar voice appeared behind you. Reader Joe Cruz.

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